Looking for a betting website to play on can be tricky. Especially if you are looking for for a trusted betting site in the world, this will be a challenge that we can help you with. Online gambling is fun to try. And as for now, there are hundreds to even thousands of betting site in the world. It is your job as a better and a player to find which one is the most trusted. 

In this page, we are dedicated to help you find the best websites with the most reputation. The websites that we will be showcasing would vary from sports betting websites, to even card games. So don’t miss this one out. 

The latest list of online gambling sites in 2021

The 20 most trusted betting site in the world


First up on our list is a sports betting website. Bet365 is ranked as number one because it has already gained international recognition. The name of the website says it all. You can enjoy any type of sports betting matches starting from football, e-sports, basketball, and so much more. Any type of sports betting can be found. This website is able to give you an up to date scores as well as odds. On top of that, your safety is guaranteed with this website.

Caesars Casino

Ever imagined what the Caesars Casino would look like? Well say no more! Because we can bring the real deal to the internet. Caesars Casino is the same company that operates the real casino in New Jersey, Las Vegas. They serve high quality gambling experience with a lot of choices to pick from. Caesars Casino is already internationally famous, so you do not need to worry when you want to play in this website..


Betway has been a long time sponsor for many sport matches. But this particular sports betting brand has one of the highest player counts in this year. There are up to 1 million people of active players and over 5 million in total players of all time. It might be kind of challenging if you are trying to look for casino or card games in Betway.


A website full of a freebies are always a nice thing to have. In this trusted betting site in the world, players are given a free $10 to play around. You can try any game and different types of games. On top of that, bettors are also given the option to pull out and withdraw their money any time. So make sure to try this one out because freebies are always a great way to practice and try out new websites.


Vbet is our next trusted betting site in the world. There are many ways to enjoy online betting, but trying new things are always more enjoyable. In Vbet, bettors are given the experience of a full e-sports scene betting. This means that you can access different types of game such as CS : GO, Valorant, Dota 2, League of Legends, Overwatch, and so much more.


Trying to grasp onto a full gambling experience will need a lot more than sports betting. BetAndYou is an interactive and has been rated as one of the most trusted betting site in the world. It offers an active gameplay between real dealers as well as players. Nowadays, website like these are able to offer transparant gameplays with real time gaming. These types of gambling experiences are streamed online.


Another mostly recognized and sponsored by many different football teams. They are standing strong as one of the most trusted betting site in the world since 2010. This website is always up to date and gives a quick deposit system. It is ranked as one of the highest rated game on the internet. Bwin gains its popularity due to bonuses that could reach up to $200. These kinds of offers are hard to refuse once you join Bwin.


Unibet is ranked as the number 8 and it gives players free cashback. Bettor can achieve a lot of cashbacks while playing in this gambling website. Unibet is an all in one website. Which means that you can basically enjoy all types of games and all type of varieties. Unibet has active players from all around the world. So come give it a try if you are looking for a new casino game.


Want to try a website with a high roll over? Players can get up to $100 for free in this website. It is ranked the highest amongst live betting as well as live streaming. All in game casino games are served for free if you are able to redeem the deposit bonus. 1xBet is a friendly website and it is considered as a trusted betting site in the world because of its high player count. This website attracts hundreds to thousands of new players everyday. They are also able to give multilinggual options incase you want to change the language of the website.

Nevada Online Casinos

Las Vegas has always been a huge inspiration to many gambling sites out there. With this website, we combining luxury as well as fun. You are deemed to gain profit in this online casino. Nevada Online Casinos has over 200 Vegas style games. These games also has a high profit rate of up to 99 %. This RTP or return to player rate can guarantee that you are going to get that money back. Jackpots as well as progressive jackpots will also assist you in playing these slot games.


Las Vegas has always been a huge inspiration to many gambling sites out there. With this website, we combining luxury as well as fun. You are deemed to gain profit in this online casino. Nevada Online Casinos has over 200 Vegas style games. These games also has a high profit rate of up to 99 %. This RTP or return to player rate can guarantee that you are going to get that money back. Jackpots as well as progressive jackpots will also assist you in playing these slot games.


Arcade games are always fun to try. SpeedBet is one of the most trusted betting site in the world. Instead of giving conventional games such as roulette and slots, it gives a modern touch. There are new games such as coinflip, blackjack, crash, as well as dice. SpeedBet is used for many millenials to play quickly. The games offered in SpeedBet is similar to every other arcade games in general. SpeedBet is easy to access as well as deposit.


Next up in line, VikiBet is an online casino that is based in Europe. You can start playing for free or even with a minimum bet of as low as $5. VikiBet is considered as website that is generous as well as a trusted betting site in the world. They are able to keep a high player base while giving giveaways to a lot of players online.

Fan Sport

Want to try something a little bit official? Fan Sport is the answer for quick and amazing online sports betting. Fan Sport offers a higher odds in comparison to other kinds of website. Some of the betting games offered by Fan Sport are such as poker and a quick game of baccarat. Any type of online gambling card game can be found here. Fan Sport is well known because it had received many nominations from huge gambling commissions. Hence making it a very reputable and trusted website to play on.


Free bets are the current trend where players can gain free cash. Betfred is one of those trusted betting site in the world while offering up to $40 real cash. Many players have been attracted to this offer and has been proven to be true. So you might want to try this website for free cash.


Want the latest features in online betting? VirginBet will have you covered. It has been nominated as one of the most trusted betting site in the world. They are focused on racing sports betting. Some of the most highly priced leagues are such as F1 or Formula 1 driving. You can even download the app on your phone through their official website.

Mansion Bet

Sportsbook are every sports bettor’s favorite. Mansion Bet gives users a lot of promos or promotional items. This includes good odds in favorable teams, realistic percentage of bonuses, as well as cashback. You can enjoy the wide variety of payment options that is made to ease any transactions in Mansion Bet.


We’re back with another all in one website. You can enjoy 3 main betting games such as sports betting, slots, and an online casino that is active 24 hours everyday. Spreadex has been a pioneer in the world of online betting. So trusting this game will be a right choice to do.


There is no other website that can process your deposits and withdraw as fast as Betiton. This website went viral after being able to give players a really effective service. Such as quick registration, transactions, games, and so much more. That is why many bettors are also nominating this website as one of the most trusted betting site in the world.


Getting a taste of country side betting is a challenge for many people. Coral is ready to bring horse racing back to your own comfort. In this website, players are given the choice to play with good odds as well as winning percentages. Players are also given a wide range of tutorial before they begin playing in Coral.

List of Indonesian online gambling sites


The gambling business is currently growing rapidly. There may be millions of online gambling sites on the internet today. And you might not try everything to figure out which sites are trustworthy or not.

For this reason, we are here, providing solutions by providing several lists of trusted online gambling sites. Which, of course, will give you a fair and enjoyable playing experience

slot online

Bigwin333 - Sport Betting & Slot Online Site

Bigwin333 is the most trusted online slot site and the biggest football betting agent in Indonesia. We are proud to state that; we are ready to serve and provide the best online gambling experience. Of course, with the most complete game options. This is more than just a game. More than just entertainment or recreation. The online gambling that they present will pump your adrenaline. Igniting the most enjoyable betting sensation.
situs judi online

Nusantara88 - The most complete online gambling & online slot site in Indonesia

Nusantara88 - Online gambling sites and online slots that provide the most complete and classy types of games in Indonesia. They are the best, professional online gambling game service provider with global gaming industry standard quality.
game slot online

Untung88 - Most trusted online slot site in Indonesia

Untung88 is one of the largest and most trusted online slot sites in Indonesia. The online slot site Untung88 also offers many games that can be played under only one account. Apart from the variety of games they offer, Untung88 has become a favorite for hundreds of thousands of customers in Indonesia.
situs judi online terpercaya

Raja Eropa - Trusted Gambling Site in Indonesia

Due to its popularity, Raja Eropa finally made it into the realm of international gambling, which is a trusted online sports betting site. And widely played in various parts of the world. They offer massive prize pools, great bonuses and tournaments to participate in by the plenty, a trusted online slot gambling site.

MacauIndo - The Best SBObet Agent

Macauindo is an Indonesian gambling website that provides the latest real money online gambling games. The games we provide are usually made by gambling lovers as a platform for betting. Players usually play games such as online slot games, casino games, Joker123, shooting fish, and sportsbook betting. Thousands of members have registered with them. Now it's your turn to try it, trust your luck. On this site, there is a customer service that is ready to serve your livechat for 24/7.
agen sbobet

Tangan Dewa - The Best Online Slot Gambling Site

Tangan Dewa is the Most Trusted Gambling Site for playing online slot in Indonesia with a wide variety of options for playing slot games. They also provide soccer betting cashback for all loyal members. As the most trusted & best football agent in Indonesia, you will process the registration for a new sbobet account, your deposit or withdrawal transactions are also very fast, usually less than 3 minutes. Tangan Dewa have long been named the best gambling site in Indonesia.
judi online

NAGA95 - Most Trusted Online Slot Gambling

NAGA95 is the leading and trusted gambling site in Asia, NAGA95 offers the best online gambling experience with a wide variety of casino & sportsbook games to choose from with the most competitive odds in the world of soccer gambling. They offer an average of 10,000 different sports games each month and various competitions around the world. While a total of more than 100 casino games from a variety of baccarat, slots, roulette and other casino games can be played at NAGA95 Casino.
bandar togel terpercaya

Ratu Lotto - Best Online Lottery Site

RatuLotto is a Trusted Togel Bookie site with the Biggest Bonus that provides various types of betting numbers online in Indonesia. The Ratu Lotto website was inaugurated in 2013 and until now the Ratulotto website has been included in the list of trusted bookies in Asia which provide many online markets such as the Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, Cambodia, 4d toto spots, 4d magnum and many more. In addition they also provides many types of online live casino games.
pkv games

PokerQQ777 - Most Competent Official Gambling Site

PokerQQ777 is the most competent official online gambling website that provides a variety of facilities and professionals in handling all the needs of its members, there are various kinds of card games such as online poker, bandarQQ, dominoQQ. They are the most trusted and the largest in Indonesia with customer service that is active 24 hours nonstop.
togel online

TogelGT4D - The Most Trusted Online Lottery Agent

Togelgt4d or what is called Goldtogel4d (GT4d) is a trusted online lottery gambling agent and lottery bookie in Indonesia and has official permission. Providing trusted toto sites with lots of official online lottery markets, namely Singapore Togel (SGP), Sydney Togel, Malaysian Togel, Genting Togel, Sakura Togel, Hong Kong Togel (HK), and Paris lottery. Togelgt4d has an official license for online games registered on PAY4D. They also provides online slot games, live casino and shooting fish that players can play and still have much more.
game slot online

QQGalaxy88 - The Best Online Slot Games

The security guarantee provided while an gambling in their site will certainly add to the fun of the players in showing the betting games that they are interested in. QQgalaxy88 which we all know is an online slot betting games that provide a lot of betting games that have a large progression prize. For this reason, many players have tested their luck to make full money by running online slot gambling. Choosing a quality online QQ slot betting site will provide wonderful feedback on the products that you will play on the website. Along with playing online slot betting with greater comfort, of course. It will be more profitable for you in picking up the coffers of money from the slots you play.
situs dominoqq

DominoQQ - The Best Official QQ Gambling Site

DominoQQ is the best official QQ gambling Site from PKV Games and the most trusted since 2016. The official DominoQQ site provides a variety of the most popular games in Indonesia. With a minimum deposit of only 15 thousand, you can play all these games in one account. As a trusted online gambling site, DominoQQ has the best security system, where you get a fair player vs player game and no bot playing. In addition, the security of your data is maintained here, so you will feel safe and comfortable playing on the best gambling site.
situs slot online

Garuda Game - Best Online Poker Site

Garuda Game or GG can be a solution for those of you who are looking for a Trusted Slot Game Site, and can make the best choice for you. This online gambling site is well-known as the best online poker site in Indonesia.Apart from the various conveniences of playing and processing transactions, this online poker site also has other advantages. Every GarudaGame loyal member will get various attractive bonuses. There are lots of great bonuses that you can get from this site. One of them that you can get is a referral bonus of 20% for life. You can get this bonus by inviting your friends or relatives to play on this trusted online gambling site.

Things To Consider Before Choosing a Website:

Reputation and Efficiency of the Gambling Website

First thing that you need to consider are the reputation. Reputations are a key important when determining which kind of website are trust worthy. If a website has a bad reputation, this means that many people have given a bad review. There are many reasons why players would give a bad review. Some of those reasons are such as low quality games, slow transactions, and so much more. A good and trusted betting site in the world must always have around 4 stars and above. Anything lower than that is considered as a shady website.

Bonuses and Freebies

Every player would love to gain an extra $10 or even $100. The most trusted betting site in the world should offer a reasonable amount of bonuses. If the bonuses start to reach thousands of dollars, then those websites are considered as a very shady website. As a bettor, it is way better if you can gain bonuses that are guaranteed instead of false guarantees. You might also want to look for websites that give freebies or bonuses without any deposit. This way, players can pull out their money without having to pay even a bit to do so.

Variety and Game Choices

A trusted betting site in the world usually displays more than just one game. If the website only displays one game, then this website can be considered as a website that is not well made. Even a low quality trusted betting site at least has around 2 varieties. Some of which are such as sports betting as well as slots. These two types of games goes hand in hand.

You can also try and find special casinos. Website that has a specialty in casinos would only offer you casino games. All of those casino games should include poker, blackjack, and baccarat. The more choices you gain, the easier it is for players like to you access the games. Also make sure that these games are accessible on all and any platform. Being able to access games from any platform will make it easier for bettors to login and logout anytime they want without having to make new accounts every single day. Try to have as much fun as possible in these trusted betting site in the world. Check out list once again and hopefully you found a website to try on today. 

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